Jose Gonzalez’s “Heartbeats” really hits me

every fucking time I hear it. You would think that after awhile of letting it sink into my skin it’d be different—but no. I still feel that pain, and that happiness all over again. You were the one I truly loved. It was naive, it had a time limit, but it was real. And I’ll never forget that…or you. Those few moments with you, the real you, I’ll never let go; you’ll always be part of who I am—and you can give yourself a pat on the back for making me into the better, stronger person I am today.


I could listen to Jose Gonzalez for hours.

His voice is magnificent. Mmm…

Got boooooored. Don’t wanna clean!


1. Pick 5 artists that you love before reading the questions.

1. Lykke Li

2. Tegan and Sara 

3. Laura Marling 

4. Jose Gonzalez 

5. Jack Johnson  

2. What is your favorite song of 5?

Bubble Toes, Hope, No Good With Faces, Angel, Cocoon, etc.etc.

3. What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?

Put it this way: I’ve thought about getting some of her lyrics tattooed on me. Something permanent. I think you get the point. 

4. What are your favorite lyrics by 2?

"Send a little love my way
and every second I spend waiting,
drags me closer to this grave; I’m not alone,
no I’m just on my own..” (Don’t Confess)
The song in its entirety means a great deal to me.

5. How many times have you seen 4 live?

Never—but I would like to.

6. What is your favorite song by 1?

Definitely "Love out of Lust"

7. Is there any songs by 3, that makes you sad?

Not particularly. Old Stone is one of those heart-hitting songs though. 

8. What is your favorite song by 2?

Don’t Confess, Wake Up Exhausted, and Frozen (but I really love all of their songs.)

9. When did you first get into 3?

I actually have no clue. It might’ve been back in the day when everyone used She just intrigued me and, for someone so young, her sound was wonderfully different. 

10. When did you get into 2?

Fuck. Um, I wanna say Freshman/Sophomore year. Breakup. Young teenager. They were a big help. 

11. What’s your favorite song by 4?

Well, "Heartbeats" is not his original song, but his version is way, way, way better (sorry, The Knife). I cry occasionally when I hear it. "Down the Line" is also really awesome. 

12. How many times have you seen 5 live?

Once and it was incredible! :D 

13. What is a good memory of #1?
Last semester. I listened to a lot of her music around that time because I was dealing with some feelings. Oh, feelings. 

14. Is there a song by 2 that makes you sad?

Don’t Confess I would think. Just listen. 

15. What is your favorite song by 3?

The Captain and the Hourglass, Old Stone, Hope in the Air 

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